Volume 6, Part 2: WW1 U.S. Small Arms

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Volume 6, Part 2: WW1 U.S. Small Arms

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The "Not the Krag book." maybe. Only sold here. Unless other arrangements are made the only form of payment accepted is a money order.

What is it about? "Not that." No other way to answer that really.

Does it go into details about the guns and stuff? "Not that."
Does it cover all the variations? "Not that."
Does it cover the parts and the changes to the parts? "Not that."
Does it cover trench knives? "Not that."
Does it cover the acquisition? "Yes, that!"

It'll make you think. It'll increase your blood pressure. It'll shake your understanding of the World War One arms situation. Very few pictures and not many particulars about the items themselves. You'll have to read it to really see that. Then again you can decide to simply not buy it and save yourself the pain. I recommended not buying the Krag book and, if you were unwise enough to ignore that, then perhaps this one is for you.

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The books will be sent media mail. Be forewarned that I'm horrible at doing things regularly. Thus if you're the impatient type you should plan on going on a bender rather than waiting at the mailbox. I'll get them out - I'm just not going to get them out quickly. I know me. That's the way it'll be.

Price: $20 plus $5 S&H. $25 delivered in the U.S..

If you ordered the Krag book include the copy number for a $5 discount on this one.

If you order this one and the Krag book you can take the $5 discount but be advised that they'll probably ship separately.

Complex math. Book is $20 plus shipping. If you order both you have to pay the $5 shipping for one but not the other. They'll ship separately anyway as I'm not going to figure out the physics of getting two books into that book packing system I use. Unless I can manage it in which case they'll ship together but you only paid shipping for one so you get no refund for the shipping you didn't pay. So (Krag book cost) + (this book cost) - ($5 discount for ordering both) + ($5 shipping which then covers both).

8.5"x11" Trade paperback. 110 pages. 300,000 characters of pure drivel along with a small collection of bad photos to boot.

110 pages, at 8.5" x 11", makes for a very thin book. That's 55 printed pages with text on both sides. The Krag book was 300 pages - three times the size. So why is this "half the cost?" Because the printing costs aren't reduced like that. The cover is the same cost and that's probably the most expensive part. Forewarned is forearmed. When you receive it, if your reaction is "is this all there is?" the answer is "yes." Making it bigger would not, in my opinion added value of note. If that's likely to wind you up I'd not buy it.

Open a package of potato chips and you'll find 11 of them. "Sold by weight, not by volume." The wife read the book. "Information dense." Not sold by weight. Sold by volume density. This volume is very dense.

If, after reading it, you don't shake your fist angrily and scream "that can't be true" then I have failed. Except it is true and that you read the book meant I succeeded. I mean, what's the point of buying a book if you don't read it? I have shelves of those. Make me an offer.

On sale now.